Culture and Health

Understanding the impact of an intergenerational arts and health project

A study into the psychological well-being of participants, carers and artists

The study examines the impact of an intergenerational art and health project called Hear and Now on the psychological wellbeing of its participants. Using methods such as focus groups and observations, data were collected from 65 participants, including elderly people diagnosed with dementia, their carers, young people and an art team. Using Seligman's PERMA model, it was found that all groups experienced benefits in different areas of wellbeing, such as positive emotions, engagement, positive relationships and personal fulfilment. Furthermore, some participants reported health benefits in addition to their experiences within the project. These findings support existing literature indicating that intergenerational art activities can have a positive impact on psychological health. The study authors conclude that further research is needed to better understand the impact of such projects on all collaborators and to foster better collaboration between the arts and health communities.