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Parole Fertili (Fertile Words)

Parole Fertili (Fertile Words) is a narrative project born in 2016 from the collaboration with Dr. Cristina Cenci (Center for Digital Health Humanities) and realized with the unconditional support of IBSA Pharmaceuticals, as a digital story sharing community for women who have received a diagnosis of infertility and are facing a path of Medically Assisted Procreation (PMA). was an innovation that brought a narrative space to the internet that allows users to escape from loneliness, talk about their choices, doubts, problems and expectations with others who are taking the same journey. Over time, Parole Feriti has included different languages and activities: in 2018 three short films were produced, in 2019 the stories inspired a theatrical production, "Quasi Genitori" (Almost Parents), and with the Covid-19 emergency, in March 2020 the project #LettureFertili (Fertile Readings) was created. In 2021 Parole Feriti is embarking on a path of treatment involving digitally integrated drama therapy aimed at 30 women who have begun MAP.