Culture and Health

Global Social Prescribing Alliance: International Playbook

Playbook was created in line with important initiatives that have been established in many countries - such as in the United Kingdom, where the Pioneer Health Centre, located in South London, has been the site of an innovative experiment on social interaction between patients, families, practices and care spaces - and presents precise guidelines to support policy makers and organisations in introducing at national or local level the system of social prescribing as an effective and sustainable response to the ongoing transformation and crisis, with a healthcare model based on prevention, early intervention and the use of cultural and social resources.

Seven steps are suggested in the manual:
🔹The development of social prescribing at local level
🔹The development and support of local communities and groups
🔹The central role of the prescriber and the community connector
🔹Planning shared with people
🔹Professional training
🔹Assurance of clinical commitment
🔹Impact measurement