Culture and Health

Department of Behavioural Science and Health Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care - University College London

The Department of Behavioural Science and Health deals with prevention and health promotion through behavioural studies

The department, under the leadership of Daisy Fancourt, is dedicated to research on the impact of emotions and human behaviour on health, from the perspective of prevention in the onset of disease, improved health and quality of life. Research and tCAEhing reflect an interdisciplinary approach to Health and Wellbeing, focusing on a wide range of health challenges, from alcohol and tobacco consumption to the impact on heart disease, neoplasms, obesity and ageing. The Centre has a strong focus on the study of the effects of access to culture, has developed with WHO report 67/2019 and has more than 70 public studies and research papers in high impact journals over the last 5 years.