Culture and Health

Center for Arts in Medicine

The Center for Arts in Medicine provides a practical and theoretical foundation for students and professionals who intend to develop arts in health skills, encouraging project planning. It promotes multidisciplinary research and cooperation between teachers and students at the University of Florida, as well as involving health care workers, artists, local and global communities.

The Center was established at the University of Florida and was based on the first university courses (1996) on the arts in health field (founding co-directors, Dr. John Graham-Pole, Dr. Rusti Brandman and Jill Sonke). Part of the College of Arts, its mission is to provide training in the use of the arts to enhance health, to research use of the arts in medicine, to promote creativity as a catalyzer for healthy lifestyles. The center is an example of interdisciplinary cooperation between teachers students, health care operators, artists and the community.