Culture and Health

Art, nature and mental health: assessing the biopsychosocial effects of a ‘creative green prescription’ museum programme involving horticulture, artmaking and collections

The study aimed to evaluate the biopsychosocial effects of a combined arts- and nature-based museum intervention on adults using mental health services. Users were referred to a 10-week programme involving horticulture, creating artwork and museum collections. The study used a mixed-methods approach, with a qualitative phase to collect participants' opinions and a quantitative phase to analyse their psychological wellbeing. The results showed an increase in wellbeing in terms of improvements in self-esteem and a decrease in social isolation. Furthermore, statistical analysis showed a significant increase in psychological wellbeing. In conclusion, creative green prescribing programmes that combine art and nature activities may have a positive impact on the psychosocial wellbeing of adults using mental health services. It is suggested that museums with parks and gardens integrate such programmes to encourage combined involvement with nature, art and wellbeing.