Culture and Health

Who we are

The project Culture and Health, presented in March 2020, emerged out of a strategic partnership between the City of Lugano’s Cultural Department and IBSA Foundation for scientific research and is aimed at giving value to artistic and cultural practices and projects whose goal is to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of people and communities.

Values and Vision

Clinical evidence, scientific and epidemiological studies have shown the value of Art and Culture in improving both the cognitive and relational development as well as the physical and psychological wellbeing of people throughout the entire course of their lives.

As recognized by the WHO – World Health Organization, the arts and culture are precious allies in promoting health, in preventing illness, in treating and managing chronic, degenerative pathologies, in post-operative rehabilitation and recovery, in active ageing, social inclusion and, more generally, for the wellbeing of individuals and the community.

The project Culture and Health starts from the premise that a closer alliance between two worlds – culture and health care – which once appeared so distant from each other, can have the effect of humanizing health care and the places where it is provided. This can lead to improvements in the wellbeing of every person and of society while contributing vitally to the quality of life.

Founders and Partners

Culture and Health is a partnership between the City of Lugano-Cultural Department and the IBSA Foundation, in collaboration with Fondazione Lugano per il Polo Culturale. Participants in the project: UBS, SUPSI and Farma Industria Ticino.


Culture and Health aims to be a platform for cooperation that brings together institutions, organizations and businesses with the common goal of improving the wellbeing of individuals and communities through Culture.