Culture and Health


We invite you to share ideas, information and suggestions on Culture and Health. We are also counting on your contribution to help improve the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals and communities.


We support new innovative partnerships between professionals in sectors of culture and health with the aim of supporting innovative, evidence based treatment trajectories through the use of culture for the benefit of patients, family members and caregivers.
To become a candidate send us your project via email to: specifying in the subject line Culture and Health – request for support.

Our scientific committee will assess the theoretical and empirical value of your project, its methodological soundness and the clinical aims expected to come out of the cooperation.

Your proposals

Have you written an article or participated in a project or study in the field of Culture as related to Health?
Send us your experience via e-mail to: specifying in the subject line Culture and Health– Proposal.


Our scientific committee will use the following criteria to assess contributions:

– projects or studies carried out in the past 10 years
– results may be used free of charge on-line
– theoretical or empirical value, methodological soundness and clear quantitative/qualitative evidence


Contributions that are approved will appear on our platform.